On the first date, people usually have a good time, walking in a romantic place (park or public garden), or doing something together. Something that both love, like rollerblading or painting (if both are artists). At least this is how psychologists recommend planning a first date czech mail order brides. Also, experts advise, after a walk or other joint activity, to drink coffee or tea in a cozy cafe, without deafening music, so that you can end a successfully started day with a warm conversation in a calm atmosphere. On a dating site, the first, modest and minimalist meal is replaced by the same correspondence.
It is very important to see how a person behaves at the table, how he takes food (even if it's just a light salad or just a cake); whether he chomps, puts his elbows on the table, or keeps them suspended. Very often we like a person, but annoying to a toothache, how noisily he sips tea from a mug. And we understand that we will not be able to listen to this smacking every day.
In the first ten minutes of the meeting, the couple usually exchanges polite, meaningless phrases, trying to strike up and maintain a conversation. On the Internet, correspondence usually begins with the so-called "little" conversations of politeness.
Cons: again, correspondence gives more chances to think over the phrase, depriving the virtual conversation of some spontaneity and, at the same time, naturalness.
Pros: You too have the opportunity to better express your thoughts. And also evaluate the literacy of speech, how carefully your pen friend treats the language. The duration of the correspondence depends only on you.